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Aug 1 – Oct 17, 2021

Regional Competition

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The AFSL Case Competition aims to create a platform for students from the ASEAN region to showcase their leadership, teamwork and creativity in solving cases related to the Sustainable Development Goals. AFSL is open to current high school and university/college students. The entire competition will be held fully digital, allowing students from ASEAN regions to take part in the case solving experience. Winning teams from each country will be given an opportunity to work with other teams and be challenged by a panel of industry-leading professionals. The objectives of the AFSL include:

  • Enhance interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and collaboration between students across different ASEAN countries.  
  • To provide a learning experience that propels participants towards appreciating the array of different cultural and community perspectives.
  • Develop champions of sustainability amongst students in the ASEAN region, leading the charge towards a sustainable and impactful future.
The AFSL is the product of the collaboration between the International University of Malaya-Wales and the ASEAN Accounting Education Workgroup.
Harnessing Sustainable Technology for the ASEAN community

The 4th Industrial Revolution has improved efficiency and productivity in various sectors, creating jobs for millions and accelerating us faster into the future. Unfortunately, this movement also brought with it a significant increase in resource consumption, and further amplified inequality in social and economic space. The shift to sustainable technology should be looked at as a global call for action, not just local. Collaboration between communities, institutes, and governments are imperative to secure a future that fosters economic and social growth without compromising our natural resources.
AFSL is open to: 
  • High school students aged 15 – 17 and university/ college students below the age of 25.
  • Legal, registered citizens of the ASEAN countries participating in A-FSL
Each participating country has its own registration process. Please make sure you register for the national level competition running in your home country. Download the general event brochure by clicking here.
Registration for the national competition is now open! Click the links below to participate in the country you’re currently in.
Registration for the national competition is now open! Below are the links for Malaysian candidates:
We welcome your questions, comments and ideas – please feel free to contact us atMeanwhile, please follow our socials for updates and highlights:

A-FSL 2021 Highlights

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*For more details on the National competition, please refer to the resource packages provided by your country of residence.

Are We Prepared for the Evolution of Sustainability?

What does it mean to be sustainable? Is it always about environmental concerns? Or whether our governments have planned for the future? 

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AFSL Malaysia Screening Committee

The AFSL Malaysia Screening Committee will complete the first round of judging for the Junior and Senior category at the AFSL Malaysia National Level Competition by selecting the top 5 groups from each category to go through to the live pitching session.

AFSL Malaysia Judges

The AFSL Malaysia Judges will complete the second round of judging for the Junior and Senior category at the AFSL Malaysia National Level Competition by selecting the top 3 winners from each category. The top two winners from each category will proceed to AFSL Regionals which would be held on 1,2 and 4th of December 2021.

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