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By Dr Sharmila Sethu

Three Key Takeaways from the Role of Corporate Governance & Risk Management Webinar

It was all ears when Mr. Devanesan Evanson, CEO, Minority Shareholders Watch Group gave a webinar on Corporate Governance and Risk Management recently. In case you missed it, Senior Lecturer Dr. Sharmila Sethu who teaches postgraduate courses at IUMW shares the key takeaways for students, and why its important to continue research in this area.

1. Corporate governance is about building credibility, ensuring transparency and accountability as well as maintaining an effective channel of information disclosure that would foster good corporate performance

2. A major challenge of corporate governance is directors’ remuneration and how long can directors be considered independent

3. How an executive chairman’s powers are unfettered; corporate governance policies and practices should consider how power can eventually become corrupt.

Why do further research on corporate governance and risk management?

Research in Corporate Governance and Risk Management allows postgraduate students to review and analyse strategies used by companies to manage risk arising from their environment; with valuable skills to respond to risk facing even multinational corporations, in a volatile changing global environment.

Research in these areas also allows students to examine the use of corporate politics, and corporate social responsibility and governance to navigate opportunities and challenges arising from changes in international economic governance foreign policies and international politics. Research students will be able to analyse leadership and management processes in organisations with respect to governance and policy compliance and the critical ability to apply different organizational approaches to corporate governance and policy compliance.