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By Dr Sharmila Sethu

The main benefit of studying an online MBA degree is convenience when it comes to your time and effort. You may be busy with your work schedule or involved in other activities that are important to you. With an online MBA, you can expand your knowledge in business and management without having to compromise other areas in your life.

Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the online MBA at IUMW gives you the flexibility to pursue your studies alongside your other commitments. The degree is of the same quality and standard as that of a conventional university degree. Another advantage of online study is that you only have to pay the tuition costs, so your overall fees are lower. This also helps international students who may not want to leave their jobs or their families and incur additional expenses like accommodation, transport, and visa expenses.

How an MBA Can Advance Your Career

You’ll be able to understand how the business world works and develop advanced decision-making skills.

  • You’ll be able to understand how the business world works and develop advanced decision-making skills.
  • It pushes you out of your comfort zone. You’ll explore the latest international business trends, apply the newest management tools and techniques, and challenge yourself to improve your team, your business, and collaboration opportunities.
  • When planning a new career, a postgraduate degree allows you to focus on a new direction you may want to take – especially at the recovery phase of Covid-19, which may mean a change of direction in your career.
  • There will be fantastic opportunities to network and expand your circle. You’ll also interact with fellow students, and teaching staff (also business people with great management experience).
  • You will get a great overview of the business world. – you’ll be able to adapt to a new business environment and discover new ways of moving forward.
  • You may want to start your own business and become an entrepreneur. An MBA will give you the tools you need to do it successfully by learning from case studies, preparing financial statements and making financial decisions, communicating effectively, and understanding the essentials for the success of any organisation.